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i walked to school today. it took me 37 minutes.

people only ask you how your weekend was because they want to tell you about theirs.

letter B: im done with art school, everything has already been done. and if you're an art student they expect you to be "soooooo controversial". pssh.

seen it. sorry.

the one thing i've learned is that its all about the image, not the art. you can poop on a plate and make up this "significant" meaning and they will put it in a museum and you will be famous. i am done seeing pooped-on plates. there will be no more pooping.

justin is playing in front of 730 people tonight at some convention that the teachers asked him to do in providence. i dont see him pooping on anything!

annnnnd i want to see the chibbs!!!!!! i look at her face......nice. i look at her bling....nice. i look at her dong....................VERRRRRY NIIIICE. brrrrrrrrrr. (i got your message alysha! hah thank you for it.)

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