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spring break

this weekend me and the husband went to florida and stayed with tyler and went to the beach and the Salvador Dali museum. it was soooo fun. and he has a funny shitzu and whenever he played with justin the "lipstick" would come out.

on the way home our flight was delayed an hour, so we waited at the airport restaurant to get a table, and these 2 old men invited us to sit with them because no tables were cleaning. we got some nachos and water because we're poor. justin was in the bathroom, so one of these fine gentlemen asked me why we weren't drinking any beer. and i said "WHY....We are underage!"
push comes to shove, and he buys me 2 rounds of beer, and justin 3. nice 24 ounce glasses of bud. hahahaha. we had a good time. then we almost got on the wrong plane because we were drunk babies. but its ok because it was St. Patty's day.

but tylers was really fun. im going to miss him. we played games and he is a sore loser and tried to throw a chair. then we ate some steak. alysha is on her way over with her brother Matthew and we are going to his friends party. some one should play with justin tonight, hes in rhode island still and hes lonely for some love.

gooood bye
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