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"Yea, it's harsh on the nose to hang out with Jess"- Sean (Reed House)

Dudes and dudettes. yea XX-Tina visited me this weekend and before the flies and ants thinks it was the finest love-making th3e world has ever known!!! aww. um, u can come back if you halloween party this weekend so im coming home bitches! justy came up immediately following kristina and we found out that he got into Berklee! suh-weet. so we're looking at apartments and shit. and we went down to fenway during game 4 and there was an army of POlice. it was so awesome, and they lit up certain windows of the Prudential building to say "Go Sox". we've been having little red sox gatherings in the living room at my house and the shrew that lives in the room below mine always tells us to shut up and we tell her to go to bed cuz shes a skinny little twit. ummm...Glenn, Pete....Green Day. ONE WEEK. mmmm im souped! yep, applied for about 6 jobs today. i am flat broke and it sucks. Me and Sean (not Brown) were throwing knives at the floor today. it was so fun. all i want is some fried eggs and bacon. all the food here is fake and it makes me feel weird. come to boston! Goodnight!

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