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you would kill for this

two day until green day. only a week and a half left of school! yesssss.

we got a beach house down the street from narragansett for july!!! yeaaaa. that is nice. chub and handsome boy must come to it. yea! and we got a new apartment, not until september but its still amazing.

i am now working 30 hours a week so i am going to be LOADED. well, just not as poor as usual, i gotta save up for next year.

Todays 8 months of marriage so the wife is going to take me to get dessert before class. excellent. he also had a dream that i gave sean head in front of him so he beat him up and all i kept saying was "i didnt think you'd mind..."


Yesterday I made a new friend Rocco on the train, he gave me an altoid and invited me to come see his band at the Paradise and hes going to get me in for free. I guess that means we're best friends. I also think hes the same boy that made friends with kristina when he came up, so that means hes just the friendliest kid ever. And I made friends with another boy at school, but he is creepy because he came up behind me and was rubbing my back while he asked me how school was. I dont DO the whole rubbing thing.

yes, life is good. i will bring a camera to green day this time so that we may capture glenn and pete in action this time so that we all dont start crying again. ill hide it in my butt crack.
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