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[02 Aug 2005|02:15pm]
I love how the weather in Deutchland is ass, and I must wear jeans and sweatshirts in aujust, and fill out the chain letters because otherwise my nipples will freeze off. Forecast for tomorrow: Shit with a chance of doom. But hopefully I will get to spend time with the Japs at Neuschwanstein. Italy was amazing. I want to go back. My birthday way allllright. Now I can work at the Hard Rock Cafe. Thank god for dix-neuf.

1. Full name: Jessica Rose
2. Who were you named after?: great-gramma
3. Do you wish on stars?: heck yes
4. Which finger is your favorite?: ring finger because you cannot stick it up alone. it goes all decrepid.
5. When did you last cry?: biiiiig girrrrls dooont cry.
6. If you were making a movie about yourself, what would the title be?: "I am so pretty I cant even stand it."
7. Do you like your handwriting?: it ok, its all i know.
8. Who do you admire?: Hermits. I'm fucking dying over here for 2 goddamn weeks and Im not even completely alone. (kristina is a hermit)
9. What is the number 1 priority in your life?: the beach.
10.What is your favorite lunch meat?: ham.
11. Any bad habits?: I complain about everything.
12. What is the most embarrassing cd on your shelf? Hootie and the Blowfish, but I love it.
13. If you were another person, would you be friends WITH you?: No. I bitch about everything. Im just like my mother.
14. Are you a daredevil?: I jumped off a cliff.
15. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?: psssh. every damn day. and then you tell that person not to tell. youre a fat liar if you say no.
16. Have you ever stolen anything?: swear you wont tell.
17. Do looks matter?: yes. if you are not as pretty as me i wont be your friend. so suck it.
18. Have you ever miss used a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid?: asshole
19. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?: rainbows go in a circle. there is no end.
20. Do fish have feelings?: i dont know ive never consulted a fish.
21. Are you trendy?: Im pretty.
22. How do you release anger?: I complain for hours.
23. Where is your second home?: Justins
24. Do you trust others easily?: I trust that when i turn around they will look at my ass because it is so nice.
25. What was your favorite toy as a child?: Fivel, my dog with a rattle in it. and i bit the leather off his nose.
26. What class in school do you think is totally useless?: Hospitality with mrs. swain.
27. Do you like sappy love songs?: if they are about me. im pretty.
28. Have you ever been on radio or television?: nooo
30. Do you like sarcasm?: im ugly?
31. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?: i punched an old guy in the head
32. Do you know what 'sctief' is?: shit?
33. What is your nickname?: Jess!
34. Would you bunjee jump? yes!
35. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?: never
36.What are you worried about right now?: everyone is having fun without me.
37. Do you ever wear coveralls?: hah, yes, they have winnie the pooh on the front pocket.
38. Do you think you are strong?: like arnold.
39. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?: cookie dough maybe.
40. What's your favorite color(s)?: shit colors.
41. What's your least favorite thing in the world?: going out in the deep dark water with the sharks
42. How many teeth do you have?: i am not counting.
43. Do you have anything pierced?: my ears and navel. thank you.
44. Do you have any tattoos?: nope
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[24 Jul 2005|05:52pm]
someone fucking go online and talk to me!
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[24 Jul 2005|05:51pm]
Im in Deutchland! It is 5:30pm but all of you are probably just waking up because it is only 11:30 there. Tomorrow we're just gonna chill out and then on tuesday we're going to italy for like 5 days. Should be pretty sweet. Nudey beach again, I can hardly wait. And now it is raining so I am bored and I will be lame and fill in this thing. Everyone should go online and be my friend this morning.


First best friend: Jill Ledford
First break-up: Steve Nix
First screen name: jessycorn
Self-purchased album: Dookie
First funeral: great-grandma
First pets: Fivel. he got squashed by a car
First piercing/tattoo: ears when i was 2


Last car ride : just now in the mini cooper
Last good cry: Last Friday. Bad cry.
Last movie seen: Million Dollar Baby
Last beverage drank: sparkling water, cuz all the goddamn water here comes with bubbles
Last food consumed: spetzle
Last phone call: Justin
Last time showered: this morning
Last shoes worn: flip flops
Last item bought: Gas
Last annoyance: all the forsaken children whining every damn second
Last time wanting to die: when Kristina told me she was going to Quebec for 5 weeks


Do you do drugs?: no. but i could use some right now
What kind of shampoo do you use?: Dove
What are you most scared of?: the ocean
What are you listening to right now?: My mom trying to speak german to the children. (my most recent annoyance)
Where do you want to get married?: Church.
How many buddies are online right now?: my aunt.


Color: brown. haha bright orange or yellow
Food: fettuccini alfredo with shrimp
Boy name: Adrienne
Girl name: Isabelle/Gwendolyn
Subjects in school: Im an art school drop-out
Abbreviation: S.O.B.
Animals: puppies
Sports: volleyball/football
Perfume: i dont know. my scent is all-natural


Given anyone a bath?: Justin. hahahaha. no not really...
Smoked?: the gonge
Bungee jumped?: nope
Made yourself throw up?: well when i make myself a drink, i pretty much ask for it
Skinny dipped?: yea, like last week for the first time all by myself cuz just is a chicken
Ever been in love?: if u want to call it that
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: no, if i cried i would get hit harder. haha. tough love
Cried when someone died?: shyea.
Been rejected?: think about who youre asking...im too pretty for that
Rejected someone?: thats such a harsh way to put it
Done something you regret?: yea, i jumped off a cliff.


You touched: Amelie
Hugged: Christine
You IMed: my aunt
IMed you: my aunt
Called you: Justin
You called: Justin
Bought you flowers: probably my parents for graduation. haha, i dont get flowers


Kill: my mom
Slap: all the little children that piss me off


Coke or Pepsi: coke
Flowers or candy: i like both
Tall or short: tall


In the morning I am: hungry
All I need is: money
Love is: weird
I dream about: sex
What do you notice first: pimples. hahahha
Last person you danced with: Mikey
Makes you smile: when other people trip.
Who has a crush on you: Sean Brown


Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: yea, id like to rub one out right now actually.
Wish you were younger: when it comes time to pay rent, yes.


Of times I have had my heart broken: ive had my feelings hurt, but not yet broken
Of hearts I have broken: i dunno
Of guys I’ve kissed: a few
Of girls I’ve kissed: only Lauren because she is a lesbian and I was going for the cheek
Of continents I have lived in: 1
Of tight friends: you know
Of CD’s I own: a bunch
Of scars on body: a billion
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[22 Jul 2005|05:07pm]
off to deutchland!

keep it real in the hood. love you bitch.

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[01 Jul 2005|12:07am]
today was less than fortunate. work blows ass. i missed the paranoids show because i was training with paris hilton and her bitchy sidekick. i was not allowed to wine and dine with friends afterwards because someone is a pussy wussy. so jessy was home by 11 eating a 1 X 1 inch square of fudge her mommy bought her.

sweet dreams
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chocolate fudge poptart. down in my belly. [30 Jun 2005|12:53am]
i got a job at chelo's on the water. i start tomorrow at 230. war of the worlds was EXCELLENT. night swimming is also EXCELLENT. among other things.

love you bitch.
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[22 Jun 2005|11:32pm]
im feeling down
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[03 Jun 2005|10:00pm]
[ mood | FANTASTIC ]

well tonight was moving back to rhode island night, justin is at a boxing match, my dad came up with my brother in a huge van that fit everything except the piano and my bicycle. and then he left. and charlies expedition is outside the apartment with a broken starter or something...i just know its not the battery, and now i am stuck in an apartment with no furniture, a lamp, a piano, milk, and frozen bagels, and no car.

this is going to be great.

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[10 May 2005|10:22am]
I have work from 7 to 7 today, but Heidi was running late so she called me and told me I could sleep until 8:30 since she wasn't going to get there until 8 and she punched me in at 8 anyways because she thought I'd be pissed about this. But I was so overjoyed, words cannot express. Justin is in RI and usually I'm pretty good, but last night I freaked myself out because all I could think about was the scary guy and the little girl in the Amityville Horror. So I dont even remember falling asleep because I never actually went to bed, I was actually trying to stay awake because I'm a pussy wussy. I have to write a 3 page Poem Explication and put it in my teachers mailbox after work. Lame.

And tomorrow is the first day in a long time that I honestly have nothing to do, and that is so wonderful.
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4/30/05 [04 May 2005|08:37pm]
Let's just say i stuffed two disposable cameras in my crotch, got about 50 pictures of Green Day, beat up some disgusting roadie, cut my knuckle on his bald head, and had the best damn sleep of my life.

Today was the last day of figure drawing. Im going to miss that class alone.
Weird anime boy named Caleb Lovejoy: "The apples represent life, love, and prosperity."
Teacher: "Where the fuck did you hear that? Its an apple...."

God I love Mr. Hoss. He's the only normal person at that school.

I'm starting a second job on Saturday. Oh, I will soon be a suga mama. I dunno how I feel about working 40 hours or more a week though. We'll see. Screw chicks tonight bro, I just wanna dance.
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psssh, and green day is tomorrow! [29 Apr 2005|04:40pm]
[ mood | INSANELY GOOD ]


oh yeaaaaa its my birthday. and my landlord asked me if id help him put up ads online for apartment rentals, so tomorrow hes going to teach me all about realty and im gonna get $9 an hour. and the best part is i can just do it on my laptop, so i can do it while im working at the coffee shop and itll be like im getting paid $17 an hour! SWEEEET.

yea, this is definately in my top ten best weeks ever.
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you would kill for this [28 Apr 2005|12:16pm]
[ mood | buck-nasty ]

two day until green day. only a week and a half left of school! yesssss.

we got a beach house down the street from narragansett for july!!! yeaaaa. that is nice. chub and handsome boy must come to it. yea! and we got a new apartment, not until september but its still amazing.

i am now working 30 hours a week so i am going to be LOADED. well, just not as poor as usual, i gotta save up for next year.

Todays 8 months of marriage so the wife is going to take me to get dessert before class. excellent. he also had a dream that i gave sean head in front of him so he beat him up and all i kept saying was "i didnt think you'd mind..."


Yesterday I made a new friend Rocco on the train, he gave me an altoid and invited me to come see his band at the Paradise and hes going to get me in for free. I guess that means we're best friends. I also think hes the same boy that made friends with kristina when he came up, so that means hes just the friendliest kid ever. And I made friends with another boy at school, but he is creepy because he came up behind me and was rubbing my back while he asked me how school was. I dont DO the whole rubbing thing.

yes, life is good. i will bring a camera to green day this time so that we may capture glenn and pete in action this time so that we all dont start crying again. ill hide it in my butt crack.

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and saturate my head with love. [23 Apr 2005|10:29am]
[ mood | i'm surrounded by assholes ]

im currently trying to get out of work so i can go to my native land of Rhode Island to see the two beauties that i spend most of my days dreaming about. and maybe swing by savario's to watch my wife sing some songs. my self portrait is coming out well, so far i have the paper taped to the wall. i built a picture frame and cut the glass for it and everything and now all i want to do is build picture frames for the rest of my life.

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[18 Apr 2005|11:13pm]
me and Just went to see the Boston marathon today and we walked about 6 miles today and yesterday. it was so beautiful outside. we went to the park and there was an italian ice guy and the sign said "ask about a free sample" so i asked and i recieved. and we climbed a tree and the police came on his horse and made us get out, and the horse shit in the middle of the path. Pssh, and he thought we were misbehaving. he didnt even clean it. we went to shaws and since we are bargain shoppers we bought 12 shrimp for 75 cents and i made shrimp alfredo pasta and we ate on the roof. and justin locked us out. and now we're back from a show at Harpers Ferry which was pretty cool. tomorrow i have work from 7am to 7pm. that's love.


ps. we're listening to country music.
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[04 Apr 2005|10:58pm]
well i brought up my bike because i dont have enough cash flow to pay for the subway. i rode to school today and immediately regretted it 100%. when i came home for my long break. well, there was this hill. and the wind was to my face. but i made it home. and i slept through my third class.

i guess i can make room for kristina and alysha to come up this weekend. i mean i have better things to do, and im on a tight schedule. but im willing to make sacrifices where need-be. that's love.

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i walked to school today. it took me 37 minutes. [01 Apr 2005|03:38pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

people only ask you how your weekend was because they want to tell you about theirs.

letter B: im done with art school, everything has already been done. and if you're an art student they expect you to be "soooooo controversial". pssh.

seen it. sorry.

the one thing i've learned is that its all about the image, not the art. you can poop on a plate and make up this "significant" meaning and they will put it in a museum and you will be famous. i am done seeing pooped-on plates. there will be no more pooping.

justin is playing in front of 730 people tonight at some convention that the teachers asked him to do in providence. i dont see him pooping on anything!

annnnnd i want to see the chibbs!!!!!! i look at her face......nice. i look at her bling....nice. i look at her dong....................VERRRRRY NIIIICE. brrrrrrrrrr. (i got your message alysha! hah thank you for it.)


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spring break [19 Mar 2005|09:06pm]
[ mood | tired ]

this weekend me and the husband went to florida and stayed with tyler and went to the beach and the Salvador Dali museum. it was soooo fun. and he has a funny shitzu and whenever he played with justin the "lipstick" would come out.

on the way home our flight was delayed an hour, so we waited at the airport restaurant to get a table, and these 2 old men invited us to sit with them because no tables were cleaning. we got some nachos and water because we're poor. justin was in the bathroom, so one of these fine gentlemen asked me why we weren't drinking any beer. and i said "WHY....We are underage!"
push comes to shove, and he buys me 2 rounds of beer, and justin 3. nice 24 ounce glasses of bud. hahahaha. we had a good time. then we almost got on the wrong plane because we were drunk babies. but its ok because it was St. Patty's day.

but tylers was really fun. im going to miss him. we played games and he is a sore loser and tried to throw a chair. then we ate some steak. alysha is on her way over with her brother Matthew and we are going to his friends party. some one should play with justin tonight, hes in rhode island still and hes lonely for some love.

gooood bye

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yabba dabba doo. [05 Feb 2005|11:07pm]
[ mood | wowee ]

i'm living the movies.


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"Yea, it's harsh on the nose to hang out with Jess"- Sean (Reed House) [20 Oct 2004|10:22pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Dudes and dudettes. yea XX-Tina visited me this weekend and before the flies and ants came...me thinks it was the finest love-making th3e world has ever known!!! aww. um, u can come back if you want...no halloween party this weekend so im coming home bitches! justy came up immediately following kristina and we found out that he got into Berklee! suh-weet. so we're looking at apartments and shit. and we went down to fenway during game 4 and there was an army of POlice. it was so awesome, and they lit up certain windows of the Prudential building to say "Go Sox". we've been having little red sox gatherings in the living room at my house and the shrew that lives in the room below mine always tells us to shut up and we tell her to go to bed cuz shes a skinny little twit. ummm...Glenn, Pete....Green Day. ONE WEEK. mmmm im souped! yep, applied for about 6 jobs today. i am flat broke and it sucks. Me and Sean (not Brown) were throwing knives at the floor today. it was so fun. all i want is some fried eggs and bacon. all the food here is fake and it makes me feel weird. come to boston! Goodnight!


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i'd sure love seeing what i'm seeing every morning from now on [14 Sep 2004|11:23pm]
I love Green Day. I am so pleased. Glenn is excellent. Free is excellent. Floor is excellent. mmm. all is well. i miss justy. yea, i miss everyone. Goodnight!

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